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Phase and amplitude optical interference filters

The RCMO team is not only able to fabricate optical components with controlled spectral profiles of the transmitted and reflected intensities, but also in of the reflected phase. For example the RCMO team has recently developed phase micro-mirrors. These developments have been performed on the Bühler SYRUSpro 710, i.e. using Plasma Ion Assisted electron beam Deposition (PIAD). These phase components, deposited on a fused silica substrate, are locally coated with a cylindrical mirror with diameter from 50 to 150 µm. The mirror is highly reflecting at 1064 nm (> 99.7%) and has a phase difference between the coated and the uncoated substrate that equals π/2 ± π/20 @ 1064 nm. These components pave a way towards the fabrication of new phase plates for laser beam shaping.