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Angularly tunable bandpass filter: design, fabrication and characterization

Thin-Film filters offer a wide range of applications from earth observation to biophotonics. They are generally hidden components in systems but play a key role in improving the performances of optical instruments. Recent collaborative efforts between the Thin-Film research team of Institut Fresnel and Bühler company have permitted to demonstrate new high performance angularly tunable filter for near-infrared range. This filter, composed with a total of about 300 layers has been successfully designed and fabricated on a Bühler HELIOS machine (Plasma Assisted Reactive Magnetron Sputtering) combined with Optical Monitoring System. A custom dedicated measurement setup has also been developed in order to measure the performances of this high performance optical filter. Close to theoretical performances of this class of filter has been demonstrated. These results not only highlight the capability to develop complex filters within the Espace Photonique platform at Institut Fresnel, but also a very fruitful collaboration between Academia (Institut Fresnel) and industry (Bühler company) for the development of optical components with more and more ultimate performances.

Image : Left – Measured and theoretical transmission spectral performances of the fabricated filter / Right – Illustration of optical interference filters

Reference :
J. Lumeau, F. Lemarchand, T. Begou, D. Arhilger, and H. Hagedorn, "Angularly tunable bandpass filter: design, fabrication and characterization", Optics Letters 44(7), 1829-1832 (2019) – Editors’ Pick.

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Contact : Julien Lumeau