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Adjustable colorimetric structures

Multilayer optical coatings are the most commonly used technique for the control of spectral properties of light in industry (cosmetics, automotive, security elements). These structures represent a natural solution for color control. The realization of colorimetric structures with high saturation requires the fabrication of structures based on dielectric and metallic layers. However, metallic materials in thin layers present dispersion properties that are difficult to control and to characterize.

The RCMO team is interested in the study of these thin metallic layers and has developed robust techniques for their characterization. Using these results, multilayer structures are developed with a colorimetric display controled by changing the incidence of the illumination. These results have led to the development of new solutions for the security features of banknotes and the filing of an associated patent. The addition of phase change materials is also being studied in order to make this color change active either by a temperature variation, or by a laser or electrical excitation.

Example of multilayer colorimetric structures deposited on different supports

Contacts: Fabien Lemarchand/Antonin Moreau/Julien Lumeau (RCMO)