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Complex optical interference filters

Thanks to its deep knowledge in multilayer design, the RCMO team is then able to fabricate complex optical components such as bandpass filters with ultimate performances.
These optical elements have been fabricated with the Bühler HELIOS machine associated with an in situ optical monitoring system OMS 5000.
The RCMO team has designed and fabricated a large range of multilayer filters having a large number of layers (more than a hundred per face) a large thickness (up to 25+ microns) that fulfil space program requirements (square profiles, broadband rejection). A large number of filters with this type of requirements have been fabricated (TARANIS, 3MI, IDEFIX… projects) using plasma assisted reactive magnetron sputtering, with an average deviation between theoretical and experimental transmission and reflection that does not exceed a few percent over spectral ranges of several hundreds of nanometer.
Thanks to the HELIOS machine, other high performances elements have been fabricated such as highly reflecting mirrors (> 99.95%) at 515 nm, oblique incidence (25°) and s and p polarization or polarizers at 1.5 µm.
As of today, the competences acquired on this machine, especially concerning optical monitoring strategies or the precise knowledge of the bias and drifts of the process, allow us to develop optical components with continuously growing complexity