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Optical vectorial ptychography

Principal investigator : Patrick Ferrand

Retardance (colorscale in nm) and fast axis orientation (represented by superimposed sticks) obtained from vectorial ptychography, form a Pinna Nobilis oyster shell. From P. Ferrand et al., Opt. Lett. 2018.

In the optical regime, ptychography is becoming a new competitive microscopy method mostly thanks to its capability to image quantitatively the phase shift introduced by the sample.

We have established a vectorial formalism that allows to use ptychography even on anisotropic (e.g., birefringent, but not only) specimens. We have demonstrated the capability of of vectorial ptychography to map the four parameters of the Jones matrix of an anisotropic specimens, and therefore to quantify a wide range of optical material properties, including power transmittance, optical path difference, diattenuation, retardance,
fast-axis orientation, and even more.

Recently, we have demonstrated that, in addition to the Jones matrix of the object, we also jointly estimate the probes (amplitude, wavefront, state of polarization) used for the measurement.

This opens for vectorial ptychography new possibilities towards imaging specimen having anisotropic properties, including birefringence or optical activity.

Fundings : This work is funded by the French ANR under contract no ANR-11-BS10-0005 and by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon H2020 research and innovation program grant agreement No 724881.