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France- Israel associated International Laboratory

France Israël Associated International Laboratory with CNRS – Weizmann Institute of Science - Tel Aviv University – Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Il est coordonnée par Hervé Rigneault (France) et Dan Oron (Israël).

General goal and scientific directions
ImagiNano is a CNRS-Israel collaborative efforts in the fields of nanoscience-enabled optics, imaging, endoscopy and microscopy. With the significant academic and industrial prominence of both optics and nanoscience in both France and Israel, the ImagiNano International Associated Laboratory (LIA) promotes expansion of the ties between the Weizmann Institute of Science, Tel-Aviv University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the CNRS. ImagiNano provides also an infrastructure for collaboration beyond academia.

Three major thematic tracks are considered as the basis of the ImagiNano LIA that are divided into two fundamental core competences: photonics and materials, which can then be combined towards practical implementation in real devices.

Official signature : 28 june 2018 – Tel Aviv - at the French Ambassy

Annual support: CNRS – 50k€ / WIS – 35k$ / TAU – 15k$ / HUJ 15k$

14 CNRS laboratories in France
6 Lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS)
3 Labs at Tel Aviv Univ (TAU)
2 Labs at the Hebrew Univ Jerusalem (HUJ)
1 Lab at Bar Ilan Univ (BIU)

Annual Call for bi-lateral collaborative project
(15 bi-lateral projects granted per year)
Support travel money for extended visits in France / Israel
Support France/Israel scientific colloquium/meeting between France and Israel
Organization of a bi-annual French Israeli workshop

 6 bi-lateral publications / year
1 patent