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Wavefront shaping in scattering media

for in-depth nonlinear imaging in tissues

Principal investigators : Hervé Rigneault, Serge Monneret, Sophie Brasselet

keywords:in-depth two-photon and CARS imaging, wavefront shaping, adaptive optics

The potential of label-free imaging techniques based on nonlinear optics presents limits in turbid or heterogeneous media like biological tissues. Thanks to recent advances in wavefront control technologies (spatial light modulators based on liquid crystals, deformable mirrors), imaging in such media is now possible. We explore different directions for improving in-depth nonlinear imaging, using adaptive optics techniques (based on the correction of optical aberrations) or wavefront shaping (based on the manipulation of high spatial frequencies, which is necessary for imaging through multiply scattering media).

In vivo imaging of mouse brain with two-photon microscopy and adaptive optics (collaboration INMED, Marseille).

Adaptive optics tools are implemented for imaging deep into the mouse brain, using two-photon fluorescence.

Ultra penetration label-free nonlinear imaging by wavefront shaping

Using optimization techniques based on the retrieval of focused light through scattering media, we develop tools to enhance nonlinear signals (two-photon fluorescence, second harmonic generation) in model nonlinear crystals and biological tissues, using phase control in a high number of pixels of spatial light modulators. Nanocrystal SHG active nanocrystals are in particular used to probe resolution and polarization properties of light obtained after refocusing. This tool provides a new methodology towards deep nonlinear imaging through or within biological scattering tissues.

Methodologies and experimental techniques

  • Adaptive optics for in-depth two-photon microscopy
  • Wavefront shaping


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