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Research topics

The research topics of the RCMO team can be summarized within 2 main research topics. These developments are carried out within the technological platform of the Espace Photonique of the Institut Fresnel.

- High performances optical interference filters

Design and thin film material optical characterizations

Study of the optical properties of thin films and design of multilayer structures

Stress in optical thin films

Study of stress induced by thin films and application to high performance mirrors

Complex optical interference filters

Design and fabrication of complex optical interference filters for space applications

Phase and amplitude optical interference filters

Design and fabrication of optical interference filters with controlled phase and amplitude

In situ optical monitoring

Development of high performance in situ optical monitoring for the control of layer thicknesses during deposition

- Innovative concepts and components

Pixelated filters

Design and fabrication of matrix of Bayer-type micropixels

Chalcogenide based optical elements

Use of photosensitivity for the fabrication of volume diffractive optical elements

Colorshift optical elements

Control of the angular dependence of the color reflected by metal dielectric structures

Finally, the RCMO team works on a wide range of other research activities associated with industrial or academic funded project :

• Broadband antireflective coating for VIS-NIR-MIR (CNES R&T project)
• Blue-enhanced silver mirrors (CNES R&T project)
• Advanced filters for space applications (Industrial projects)
• Ultra-narrowband resonant grating filters (CNES R&T project)
• Non-linearly variable filters (CNES R&T project)