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RCMO Group

Research in materials, components and optical thin films technologies

The RCMO team of the Institut FRESNEL is interested by all fields of optical thin films and optical interference filters. The Team is also invested in the development of nanocomposites and metamaterials.

It is composed with 10 people, including 3 Professors from Centrale Marseille (1 Emeritus Professor and 2 Associate Professors) and 1 from AMU (Associate Professor), 1 CNRS Research Scientist, 2 CNRS Engineer, and 3 Ph.D. students. Its research activities are associated with two main topics :

• High performances optical interference filters
• Innovative concepts and components

The RCMO team activities have resulted into more than one hundred communications during the 2013-2018 time period, including 40 peer-reviewed publications and 10 invited presentations at international conferences. The member of the RCMO team are directly involved in the organization of the main conferences related to optical coatings, both from a national point of view (Club Couches minces optiques of Société Française d’Optique) and an international point of view (SPIE Advances in Optical Thin Films, Frontiers of Optical Coatings conference, OSA Optical Interference Coatings conference).

To succeed with both fundamental and applied research and development, the technological activities the RCMO team have moved in (since 2014) within the Espace Photonique, a 250 m² technological platform equipped with clean rooms where all fabrication and characterization means of optical thin film filters have been installed. This technological platform includes 5 different machines for the deposition of thin film components based on different technologies, i.e. EBD (Electron Beam Deposition), 2 PIAD (Plasma Ion Assisted deposition, DIBS (Dual Ion Beam Sputtering) et PARMS (Plasma Assisted Reactive Magnetron Sputtering). All these deposition machines are equipped with in situ optical monitoring systems for the precise control of the thickness of all layers. The RCMO teal is also equipped with brand new ex situ characterizations systems, e.g. a spectrophotometer, an optical profilometer for roughness and flatness measurements, a high resolution lambdameter as well as custom optical benches for example for the mapping of the uniformity of optical interference filters.