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HIPE Group

The HIPE team is mainly focussed on the conception, development, implementation and exploitation of various instruments in the microwave range. These instruments serve several purposes:
 Improve the overall comprehension of wave propagation as well as wave/matter interaction,
 Characterize the electromagnetic behaviour of active or passive components,
 Explore the faisability of microwave probing setups in/for complex environments (forward and inverse scattering, microwave imaging, …)

The realisation of such hyperfrequency systems requires a tight coupling between experimental and theoretical advances. This is being handled within the team along several research lines:
 Design and conception of dedicated setups,
 Measurement and calibration of electromagnetic fields,
 Modelisation of wave propagation and scattering phenomena,
 Development of inverse problems techniques and imaging algorithms,
 Characterization of the electromagnetic properties of samples.

All these research topics enable us to address various types of practical issues, such as the characterisation of the scattering effect associated to complex structures (soot particules, aggregates, …), the measurement of novel antennas or radiating devices, the development of microwave devices for subsurface probing, the investigation of influence quantity effects (moisture, temperature, …) on electromagnetic characteristics, …

Finally, our expertise in vectorial electromagnetic field measurements, either in free-space or with guidewaves, favorizes active cooperations with various research laboratories or industrial partners.

Responsable de l’équipe : Herve TORTEL