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Research activities of the Epsilon team fall within the emerging topic of metamaterials for waves. In this internationally very competitive topic, original research is carried out to propose novel applications in miscellaneous areas of engineering sciences, and to study fundamental aspects of electromagnetic optic. This two-fold approach allows to fully contribute to the dissemination of novel concepts of metamaterials towards the scientific community and the wider society, and to also help with the renewal of the topic through advances in knowledge in classical electrodynamics and homogenisation.

This specificity developed within the Espilon team, uses a large panel of skills among which :

  Methods of Modern Mathematics (spetral theory, complex analysis, asymptotic methods)
  Rigorous numerical modelling (for instance through training of PhD students and young researchers)
  Testing novel concepts versus experiments thanks to numerous collaborations of the Epsilon team (national and international collaborations with academic and industrial partners)
  Improving knowledge of various classical models in engineering sciences and especially regarding concepts of metamaterials

Research axes
  Fundamental aspects in macroscopic electromagnetism
  Metamaterials : devices and applications in engineering sciences

Scientific output (since 2011)
 100 research articles in international peer-reviewed journal
 2 books edited
 8 patents filed