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NanoBio Laboratory

Associated International Laboratory
NanoBio Laboratory est un laboratoire Franco-Israélien sur le thème des Nano-sciences et leurs applications.

Créé en 2008, il est coordonnée depuis 2016 par Hervé Rigneault (France) et Dan Oron (Israel).
NaBi links the Weizmann Institute and its associated departments of Physical Chemistry, Materials Interface and the Physics of Complex systems with the CNRS represented by three entities, respectively, the d’Alembert Institute (École Normale Supérieure de Cachan) and its 4 constituent UMR laboratories from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (LBPA, LPQM, PPSM and SATIE) ; the laboratories of Complex Systems and Chemistry of the École Normale Supérieure (Paris) and the Fresnel Institute in Marseille (Aix-Marseille University).

The principal projects defined within NaBi are centred on applications of photonics to cell imagery and concern specifically the use of novel configurations of light matter interactions in applications aimed at novel developments in nanosciences, advanced instrumentation, biomedical imagery and new biosensors.

The principal scientific activities of NaBi may be summarised in four main themes :

  1. Novel innovations in microscopy and biological imagery
  2. Photo-inducible biological processes
  3. Biosensors and biochips
  4. Nanophysics

Visit the NaBi website at http://www.nabi-laboratory.com