CLARTÉ - Control of Light and Analysis of Radiation: Treatment by Electromagnetism

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The activities of the CLARTE team lie within the framework of a key-topic in innovating technologies of this beginning of the 21st century: nanophotonics. Nanophotonics aims optimizing and miniaturizing the photonic components and the light sources. The applications are quite diverse, including telecommunications and optical circuits, design of sources and light guides, control of photons propagation, spectral analysis and filtering of radiations, and interaction between light and particles.

The team benefits from a forty years experience in the scientific field of Electromagnetic Optics, which it largely contributed to develop. Electromagnetic Optics proposes to explore the optical phenomena by means of the fundamental equations of Electromagnetism. With this intention, it uses varied tools extending from the applied mathematics to phenomenology (art to interpret the phenomena through a minimal number of physical parameters) including numerical analysis, programming, numerical calculation... In other words, building sophisticated modeling tools enables us to predict and track the often surprising phenomena observed in photonics. The phenomenology, which endeavours to translate the physical intuition into mathematical terms, allows us to give a physical interpretation to the numerical results, even, while pushing further, to discover new phenomena and to consider their practical applications.

Our research team always seeks high level young scientists to work on a PhD at the Institut Fresnel or to do a post-doc.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email to discuss of possible offers.

Leader: Nicolas Bonod
Deputy leader: Brian Stout