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Cell and Tissue Morphogenesis

Studying the organization of living matter

Studying the mechanisms underlying shape changes at the molecular, cellular and tissue scales

Polarized microscopy

From single molecules to tissues

Controlling light polarization to probe orientation of single molecules and organization of biomolecular assemblies.

Wavefront shaping in scattering media

For in-depth non-linear imaging in tissues

Using wavefront shaping to image into inhomogeneous or highly scattering media.


Using gold nanoparticles as nanosources of heat

Investigating thermal induced processes on the nanoscale in physics, chemistry and biology.

Quantitative phase microscopy

for Biology

for Nanophotonics

Using quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry for imaging of living cells and nano-objects.

Non-linear optics

For label-free microscopy
For molecular spectroscopy

Using ultrashort laser pulses for molecular imaging of cells and tissues.

New fiber probes

For biosensing and imaging

Developing innovative fiber tools for molecular spectroscopy and endoscopic imaging.

Mathematical optics

Structured light : physical and geometric properties
Correlations in light and other waves
Theoretical study of optical systems
Polarization-based measurements

Providing intuitive physical and geometric descriptions of light propagation, and using them for applications in metrology and imaging.

Photoacoustic imaging for neurobiology

Going deeper into the brain by combining light and sound.