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Group leader : Patrick Ferrand


The COMiX team is based on an interdisciplinary expertise in coherent x-ray diffraction, inverse problem and Fourier microscopy. They have pioneered development of 3D Bragg x-ray ptychography, a version of coherent diffraction imaging, which is becoming an essential tool for imaging crystalline materials.

COMiX aims at increasing the analytical capability of both x-ray and optical ptychography, by exploiting the similarities and complementarities of both regimes.

Virginie Chamard is a physicist working on x-ray coherent diffraction imaging. Marc Allain has expertise in statistical signal processing in the context of inverse problems. Patrick Ferrand is a physicist expert in optics working in the field of optical polarized microscopy. Tilman Grünewald has expertise in x-ray diffraction techniques and is using them to understand biomineralization processes.

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