Séminaire "Laser induced physico‐chemistry and self‐organization of metallic nanoparticles in TiO2 films" par N. Destouches le 8 Avril 2015 à 10h30

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Nathalie Destouches, Laboratoire Hubert Curien, UMR CNRS/UJM, St Etienne
Séminaire du mercredi 8 Avril 2015 à 10h30. Salle Pierre Cotton (niveau-1 de l’Institut Fresnel)

Abstract :
Exciting the plasmon resonance of silver nanoparticles (NPs) embedded in a TiO2 thin film with a visible laser scanning the film surface can give rise to an interesting self-organization process. The latter leads to the generation of plasmonic metamaterials made of periodic nanoparticle arrays buried in the film, which exhibit singular dichroic optical properties. Their generation is a complex process involving various physico-chemical mechanisms, which are shown to be driven by both radiative and non-radiative decays of the localized surface plasmon resonance of Ag NPs.

Invitation : Claude AMRA, équipe CONCEPT - claude.amra@fresnel.fr