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OTFR Group

Research on materials, components and technologies for optical thin films

The Optical Thin Films Research ([*OTFR*]) Group of the FRESNEL Institute, Marseille, France, focuses its research on the broad area of optical thin films and interference optical filtering, while considering new materials and systems controlled on nanoscale, as well as metamaterials. More recently, our activities also include the development and optimization of emissive planar cavities which benefit from classical approaches combining discrete multilayers with an embedded light source.

At the present time, the OTFR Group comprises 10 members, including 4 Teaching Researchers at Centrale Marseille (1 Professor and 3 Associate Professors), 2 engineers at the CNRS, 1 engineer in a temporary position, and 3 PhD students.

The research activities cover 5 main topics :

The activities between 2006 and 2010 resulted in 84 publications, including 32 articles in peer reviewed international journals, and 7 invited lectures at international conferences.

The members of the OTFR Group strongly participate in the organization of activities and events related to the field of optical thin films at the national (Club Couches minces optiques of the Société Française d’Optique) as well as at the international levels (SPIE Advances in Optical Thin Films Conference, Frontiers of Optical Coatings Conference, OSA Optical Interference Coatings Conference).

In order to successfully advance the research projects and to further develop the supporting technology, the OTFR Group employs 4 deposition systems incorporating four different techniques, namely : EBDElectron Beam Deposition, IADIon Assisted Deposition, IBSIon Beam Sputtering, and DIBSDual Ion Beam Sputtering. All film fabrication reactors are equipped with appropriate in situ real time monitoring techniques for the assessment of the film thickness and of the optical characteristics.

The OTFR Group also possesses an significant park of the state-of-the-art ex situ characterization techniques including broad wavelength range spectropohotometer, interferometric optical profilometer for the assessment of surface roughness and components shape, high-resolution lambda-meter, tunable light sources, as well as measurement systems for spatial mapping of the optical properties of patterned optical filters and of thin film materials.

Finally, starting in 2012, the OTFR Group will benefit from the availability of a newly created Photonics Facility, comprising 600 m2 of clean and semi-cleanroom laboratories situated on the campus of the Université Paul Cézanne in a close proximity of the Fresnel Institute. This facility, fully dedicated to the advancement of technology, will concentrate at a single location all equipment necessary for substrate preparation and cleaning, film deposition, as well as characterization of the components developed by the OTFR Group.