Research Activities:

                - Free-space optics
                - Underwater optical communications               
                - Visible light optical communications         
                - MIMO systems
                - Wireless sensor networks               
                - Cognitive radio networks

        Past projects:

: Liaison Optique Haut débit avec un élément Mobile (High data-rate optical link with a mobile platform)
               Supported by the French PACA Regional Council as well as the Photonique Pole (Pôle de Compétitivité Photonique).
               Project partners: Institut Fresnel, Shaktiware Co., Silios Technologies, ONERA, IFREMER.
          SENSEnet: International Sensor Development Network.
               Underwater sensor network employing high-rate optical communication for data transfer between nodes and an ROV.
               EU Framework Project 7: URL

          OPTICWISE: FP7 COST ACTION IC1101: Optical Wireless Communications - An Emerging Technology
               Involved in:
               WG1: Propagation Modelling and Channel Characterization
               WG2: Physical Layer Algorithm Design and Verification (Vice Chair of the working group)
               SIG-VLC: Visible Light Communications
               SIG-UW-OWC: Underwater Optical Wireless Communications

Current students:

PhD students:

Md Jahid HASSAN (2018-2021), ECM
PhD thesis title: High Rate Full-Duplex VLC Transmission for Medical Applications
Co-supervised with Dr. J. Garcia (Oledcomm Co.).

(2018-2021), ECM
PhD thesis title: Multiuser Indoor VLC Systems
Co-supervised with Prof. Z. Ghassemlooy (Northumbria University at New Castle) and Dr. N. Bertaux (ECM)

Oussama HADDAD (2018-2021), ECM
PhD thesis title: Channel Modeling and Multiple Access Solutions for VLC-based WBAN Links
Co-supervised with Prof. M. Adel (Aix Marseille University) and Dr. V. Jungnickel (Fraunhofer HHI)

Ikenna IJEH  (2018-2021), ECM
PhD thesis title: Efficient Signal Transmission and Localization based on Visible-Light Communications
Co-supervised with Prof. S. Hranilovic (McMaster University) and  Dr. J. Marot (Aix Marseille University) 
Taha ESSALIH (2017-2020), ECM
PhD thesis title: Improving Data-Rate and Reliability of Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Links
Co-supervised with Prof. H. Akhouayri (ECM)

MSc students:

       Past Post-docs:

          Ferdaouss MATTOUSSI (2004-2016),  Ecole Centrale Marseille (ATER)
          Research topic: Coding for Underwater Optical Communication Systems.

Past students:

PhD students:

Fang XU (2007-2010), Paul-Cézanne University
PhD thesis title: Development of Transmission Methods for a High Data-Rate Free-Space Optical Communication System.
Defended on July 5th, 2010
Co-supervised with Prof. S. Bourennane. Collaboration with Shaktiware Co, Marseille.
* Currently with COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China), Ltd., Shanghai, China

Yi ZHANG (2009-2012), Ecole Centrale Marseille
PhD thesis title: Signal Processing Techniques for Performance Improvement of Cooperative Sensor Networks.
Defended on November 23rd, 2012
Co-supervised with Prof. S. Bourenanne
* Currently with Civil Aviation Administration of China, Chengdu, China

Chadi GABRIEL (2010-2013), Aix-Marseille University
PhD thesis title: Channel Characterization and Performance Analysis for an Underwater Optical Transmission System.
Defended on May 24th, 2013
Co-supervised with Prof. S. Bourenanne. Collaboration with IFREMER, La-Seyne-sur-Mer and SENSENET FP7 European project.
* Currently with Netatmo, Paris

Guowei YANG (2010-2013), Ecole Centrale Marseille
PhD thesis title: Space-Diversity Free-Space Optical Systems: Performance Analysis under Correlated Fading Conditions.
Defended on Sept. 20th, 2013
Co-supervised with Prof. S. Bourenanne
* Currently: Assistant Professor at Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou, China

Shihe LONG (2013-2016), Ecole Centrale Marseille
PhD thesis title: Indoor Channel Modeling and High Data-Rate Transmission For Visible-Light Communication Systems
Co-supervised with Prof. S. Bourenanne
* Currently with Adomik, Paris, France.

Tasnim HAMZA (2013-2017), Ecole Centrale Marseille
PhD thesis title: Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Systems, Long-Range High Data-Rate Transmission and Performance Analysis
Co-supervised with Prof. S. Bourenanne. Collaboration with IFREMER La-Seyne-sur-Mer
* Currently with MYSIS, Paris.

Norhanis Aida MOHD NOR (2014-2018),  Northumbria University, UK.
PhD thesis title: Study of All-Optical Relay-Assisted Free-Space Optical Systems Under the Influence of the Atmospheric Turbulence Channel.
Co-supervised with Profs. Z. Ghassemlooy and S. Zvanovec
* Currently with International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

MSc students:

Miressa FIKADU
(2017), Aix-Marseille University
MSc thesis title: Background Noise Effect on Underwater Optical Communications

Semere BEYENE (2017), Aix-Marseille University
MSc thesis title: Orbital Angular Momentum for Optical Communications
Shihe LONG
(2013), Ecole Centrale Marseille
MSc thesis title: Cooperative FSO Networks

Thomas VIRIEUX (2011), Ecole Centrale Marseille
MSc thesis title: MIMO Architectures for Terrestrial FSO Systems

Yacine JAAFAR (2009), Paul-Cézanne University
MSc thesis title: Signal Porcessing and Diversity Techniques for Improving the Performance of FSO channels

Naziha AITAMER (2008), Ecole Centrale Marseille
MSc thesis title: Spatial Diversity and Aperture Averaging for Wireless Optical Transmissions

Patrice CAUSSE (2007), Ecole Centrale Marseille
MSc thesis title: Optical Transmission through Atmospheric Turbulence

            Memberships of Professional Organizations
    - Senior Member, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).
    - Member, IEEE Communications Society.

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