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Institut Fresnel
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Current Projects and Areas of Interest
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Current Projects and Areas of Interest



Design and realisation of microwave and hyperfrequency instrumentation with the HIPE team of Institut Fresnel. Strong expertise in vectorial measurements of electromagnetic fields in anechoic chambers or in confined environments. High contributor to the Fresnel Database, which contains measured scattered fields for direct and inverse problems purposes.


Various collaborations on a national scale (CETHIL and other partners from the SOOT ANR project, IETR, L2E, …) and on an international scale (Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, USA). Coordinator for the GdR Ondes, of the census of the French anechoic chambers. Co-animator of the Groupe de Travail of GDR Ondes on measurement uncertainties in anechoic environments.


Assignment History / Experience



nov 2008

Ingénieur de Recherches IR1-CNRS at Institut Fresnel
Scattering measurements in anechoic chambers and confined systems.

nov 2008

sept 2002

Ingénieur de Recherches IR2-CNRS at Institut Fresnel
Electromagnetic fields measurements in anechoic chambers and confined systems.

Contribution to the second (2005) and third (2009) scattered fields Fresnel database for inverse problems applications.

sept 2002

dec 1995

Ingénieur de Recherches IR2-CNRS at Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes
Conception and realisation of various immersed microwave scanners.

dec 1995
sept 1994

Post-doctoral researcher at Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes
Conception, modelling and realisation of a 434 MHz microwave for biomedical applications.







PhD in Physics, Universite Paris XI, France, Janv 1995

Title : « Imagerie micro-onde : Etude d’un scanner à 434 MHz pour applications biomédicales »
Supervisor : C. Pichot
Location : Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes

Post-Graduate Diploma
in Optics and Photonics, Universite Paris XI, France, July 1991



(Co-)Supervision of research activities



C. Eyraud
Title : « Caractérisation et optimisation dans le domaine des hyperfréquences, des mesures de champs diffractés. Applications aux problèmes directs et inverses tridimensionnels. »
Supervisors : P. Sabouroux, H. Giovannini, J.-M. Geffrin
Date : 2003-2006


Main Publications and Presentations



Magnetic and electric coherence in forward- and back-scattered electromagnetic waves by a single dielectric subwavelength sphere

Geffrin J.-M, García-Cámara B., Gomez-Medina R., Albella P., Froufe-Perez L.S., Eyraud C., Litman A., Vaillon R., González F., Nieto-Vesperinas M., Sáenz J.J., Moreno F.

Nature Communications (2012), 2167


A large 3D target with small inner details: A difficult cocktail for imaging purposes without a priori knowledge on the scatterers geometry

Eyraud C., Geffrin J.-M., Litman A., Spinelli J.-P.

Radio Science, 47 (2012) RS0E23


A rigorous forest scattering model validation through comparison with indoor bistatic scattering measurements

Bellez S., Roussel H., Dahon C., Geffrin J.-M.

Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, 33 (2011) 1-19


A new implementation of a microwave analog to light scattering measurement device

Vaillon R., Geffrin J.-M., Eyraud C., Merchiers O., Sabouroux P., Lacroix B.

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 112, 11 (2011) 1753-1760


3D-Aggregate Quantitative Imaging: Experimental Results and Polarization Effects

Eyraud C., Geffrin J.-M., Litman A.

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 59, 4 (2011) 1237-1244


On the Calibration of a Multistatic Scattering Matrix Measured by a Fixed Circular Array of Antennas

Litman A., Geffrin J.-M., Tortel H.

Progress in Electromagnetics Research (PIER) 110 (2010) 1-21


Aperture Antenna Modeling by a Finite Number of Elemental Dipoles From Spherical Field Measurements

Serhir M., Geffrin J.-M., Litman A., Besnier P.

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 58, 4 (2010) 1260-1268


Combining spatial support information and shape-based method for tomographic imaging inside a microwave cylindrical scanner

Litman A., Lencrerot R., Geffrin J.-M.

Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering 18, 1 (2010) 19-34


Microwave measurements of the full amplitude scattering matrix of a complex aggregate: a database for the assessment of light scattering codes

Merchiers O., Eyraud C., Geffrin J.-M., Vaillon R., Stout B., Sabouroux P., Lacroix B.

Optics Express 18, 3 (2010) 2056-2075


Target localization and measured scattered field pre-processing using spectral bandwidth minimization for shallowly buried target problems

Eyraud C., Geffrin J.-M., Lewyllie P., Franchois A., Dubois A.

Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 52, 1 (2010) 147-151


Measurement strategies for a confined microwave circular scanner

Lencrerot R., Litman A., Tortel H., Geffrin J.-M.

Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering 17, 6 (2009) 787-802


Microwave analog to light scattering measurements on a fully characterized complex aggregate

Merchiers O., Geffrin J.-M., Vaillon R., Sabouroux P., Lacroix B.

Applied Physics Letters 94, 18 (2009) 181107


A New Value Picking Regularization Strategy-Application to the 3-D Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Problem

De Zaeytijd J., Franchois A., Geffrin J.-M.

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 57, 4 (2009) 1133-1149


Optimization of a Bistatic Microwave Scattering Measurement Setup: From High to Low Scattering Targets

Geffrin J.-M., Eyraud C. C. E., Litman A., Sabouroux P.

Radio Science 44, RS2007 (2009) RS2007


Imposing Zernike representation for imaging two-dimensional targets

Lencrerot R., Litman A., Tortel H., Geffrin J.-M.

Inverse Problems 25, 3 (2009) 035012


Continuing with the Fresnel database: experimental setup and improvements in 3D scattering measurements

Geffrin J.-M., Sabouroux P.

Inverse Problems 25, 2 (2009) 024001


The reconstruction of inhomogeneous targets from single view transient data

Belkebir K., Catapano I., Geffrin J.-M.

Near Surface Geophysics 6, 6 (2008) 381-390


Plane Wave and Gaussian Beam Scattering by Long Dielectric Cylinders: 2.5D Simulations versus Measurements

Van Den Bulcke S., Zhang L., Franchois A., Geffrin J.-M., Steins J.

International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves 29, 11 (2008) 1038-1047


Validation of a 3D bistatic microwave scattering measurement setup

Eyraud C., Geffrin J.-M., Sabouroux P., Chaumet P. C., Tortel H., Giovannini H., Litman A.

Radio Science 43, 4 (2008) RS4018


Electromagnetic three-dimensional reconstruction of targets from free space experimental data

Geffrin J.-M., Chaumet P. C., Eyraud C., Belkebir K., Sabouroux P.

Applied Physics Letters 92, 19 (2008) 194103


A single-view imaging strategy for transient scattered fields

Catapano I., Belkebir K., Geffrin J.-M.

Inverse Problems 24, 1 (2008) 015008


Amplitude and phase of light scattered by micro-scale aggregates of dielectric spheres: Comparison between theory and microwave analogy experiments

Sabouroux P., Stout B., Geffrin J.-M., Eyraud C., Ayranci I., Vaillon R., Selcuk N.

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 103, 1 (2007) 156-167


Full-Wave Three-Dimensional Microwave Imaging With a Regularized Gauss-Newton Method-- Theory and Experiment

De Zaeytijd J., Franchois A., Eyraud C., Geffrin J.-M.

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 55, 2 (2007) 3279-3292


Drift correction for scattering measurements

Eyraud C., Geffrin J.-M., Litman A., Sabouroux P., Giovannini H.

Applied Physics Letters 89, 24 (2006) 244104


Imaging of dielectric cylinders from experimental stepped-frequency data

Dubois A., Geffrin J.-M., Belkebir K.

Applied Physics Letters 88,16 (2006) 164104


Free space experimental scattering database continuation: experimental set-up and measurement precision

Geffrin J.-M., Sabouroux P., Eyraud C.

Inverse Problems 21, 6 (2005) S117-S130


Two-Dimensional Inverse Profiling: Nonlinear Optimization and Embedding

Tijhuis A.G., Belkebir K., Litman A., Geffrin J.-M. and Bolomey J.-C.
RTO Lecture Series 214 (1998) 6.1-6.3


Newton-Kantorovich and Modified Gradient - Inversion Algorithms Applied to Ipswich Data

Belkebir K., Elissalt J.-M., Geffrin J.-M., Pichot Ch

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine 38, 3 (1996), 41-44