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EpsiMu® is a toolkit for measuring the electromagnetic characteristics of materials in a broad frequency range in the microwave domain - typically between 50 MHz and 18 GHz. In certain conditions, the characterization is possible up to 26 GHz.

The toolkit allows retrieving the complex permittivity, complex permeability, conductivity, loss tangent/dielectric loss and S-parameters (angle and phase) of a sample.

The EpsiMu® toolkit consists of a coaxial measurement cell (13 mm with sample holder or 7 mm without sample holder) and a dedicated software currently in version 3.

The overall technique is optimized to meet two basic criteria:

  1. Simplify to the maximum the measurement procedure
  2. Making real-time, non-invasive measurements This last feature allows viewing the real-time changes in the electromagnetic characteristics based on either an external parameter (temperature variation) or an internal parameter (humidity, concentration).

Two types of cells are available:

  • EpsiMu® 7 mm without sample holder. For solid samples only, the measurement frequency range can go from 50 MHz up to 18 GHz.
  • EpsiMu® 13 mm with detachable sample holder. Measurement from 50 MHz up to 10 GHz, any kind of material.

With the EpsiMu® 13 mm removable sample holder system, it is possible to characterize all types of materials:

  • Solids
  • Gels
  • Liquids
  • Granular materials
  • Powders
    The useful volume is of only a few cm3, depending on the length of the sample holder.

Having perfect knowledge of the whole technique [1] [2] (measurement protocols, mechanical conception, and production of the measurement cell and specific software), EpsiMu® is currently adaptable and customizable to any specification requested.

[1Mesure de permittivité en temps réel, P. Sabouroux et P. Boschi - REE n°8-2005

[2EpsiMu, un nouvel outil pour déterminer les caractéristiques électromagnétiques de matériaux dans le domaine des hyperfréquences, P. Sabouroux et P. Boschi - REE n°10-2005

update 18 May 2016

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