• Porquerolles
    Summer School On Plasmonics 4
    From September 3 to 8, 2017
    Summer School On Plasmonics 4
    Marseille, September 03 to 08, 2017.

Summer School On Plasmonics v4

The Summer School On Plasmonics aims to meet in a privileged area one hundred people and to invite some of the most distinguished researchers in the field of plasmonics.

For this 4th school, 12 lectures and 5 tutorials will be organized. They will cover the fundamentals and the latest trends of this very dynamic field of research.

The lectures will last 120 minutes in order to address thoroughly the basics and more advanced concepts of plasmonics. Besides lectures and tutorials, posters sessions and contributiong talks will be organized. They will be the perfect occasion to share your latest findings and research projects.

For this fourth event, the school will be held in Porquerolles, a wonderful and privileged island. Porquerolles is the largest island of the Golden Islands.

Lectures and tutorials will cover the following topics :

- Resonant light scattering by nanoparticles
- Interaction forces between plasmonic nanoparticles
- Hyperbolic metamaterials, metasurfaces
- Graphene plasmonics
- Purcell factor, single photon sources, FRET, strong coupling
- NSOM microscopy
- Spectral filters
- DNA nanotechnologies, plasmonic sensors
- Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
- Nanofabrication technologies,Ellipsometry and polarimetry