Amélie Litman


Institut Fresnel
UMR 7249, Campus Universitaire de Saint Jérôme
Av Escadrille Normandie Niemen
13397 MARSEILLE Cedex 20



Polytech' Marseille
Département Microélectronique et Télécom
Technopôle de Chateau-Gombert
13451 MARSEILLE Cedex 20



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Current Projects and Areas of Interest
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Current Projects and Areas of Interest



I am presently working as a teaching and research assistant at the Aix-Marseille Université.


My research, done at the Institut Fresnel, is focused on the development of nonlinear optimization algorithms applied to inverse scattering or more generally to inverse problems in electromagnetism.

My teaching activities, done at
Polytech' Marseille are related to electromagnetism, stochastic processes and mathematics.


Assignment History / Experience



oct 2002

Assistant Professor at Institut Fresnel
Development of numerical methods for inverse scattering applications.
Project Leader of the
CESAR project from 2006 to 2010.
Team Leader of the
HIPE team since 2008.


sept 2001
oct 2002

Project Leader at Schlumberger, Clamart, France

Project: Invasion 2
In charge of supervising and coordinating the algorithmic parts of the Invasion 2 product, a software platform for the interpretation of resistivity measurements in formation evaluation, for oil prospection


july 1999
sept 2001

Development Engineer at Schlumberger, Clamart, France
Project: Invasion 2
In charge of the development of some inversion algorithms for the interpretation of resistivity measurements


july 1998
july 1999

Development Engineer at Schlumberger, Clamart, France
Project: Platform Express Answer Products
I worked on the construction of a switchless algorithm for the density inversion scheme, whose goal is to be able to overpass the knowledge barite mud/no barite mud for the end-user. This scheme is part of the software platform used for the interpretation of nuclear measurements in formation evaluation


nov 1997
july 1998

Post-Doc Researcher at the Electromagnetic Group, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
My research, done under the supervision of Prof. A.G. Tijhuis, was focused on the development of nonlinear optimisation algorithms applied to inverse scattering problems






Habilitation à diriger des Recherches, Université de Provence, Marseille, France, Nov 2009
Title: "Inverse methods for logging measurements and inverse scattering applications"
Location: Institut Fresnel

PhD in Applied Mathematics, Universite Paris XI, France, Oct 1997

Title: "Two inversion methods for the electromagnetic and acoustic caracterisation of buried objects : inverse Fourier-Laplace transform and level-set deformation"
Supervisor: D. Lesselier
Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes

Post-Graduate Diploma
Applied Mathematics, Université Joseph Fourier, France, July 1994
Major : Partial Differential Equations

Engineer Diploma in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics,
ENSIMAG / INPG, Grenoble, France, July 1994
Major : Applied Mathematics


Teaching Activities



1st and 2nd year students at Polytech' Marseille, Department of Microelectronics and Telecom

Course and TP of Computer Sciences (Langage C)

Course and TD in Electromagnetism

Course and TD in Numerical Analysis

Course and TD in Stochastic and Signal Processes



(Co-)Supervision of research activities



X. Faget
Title: "Application expérimentale de méthodes inverses avancées pour l'imagerie des propriétés EM d'un matériau magnéto-diélectrique "
Supervisors: N. Mallejac, A. Litman
Date: 2015-2018

I. Voznyuk
Title: "Outils numériques parallélisés d’imagerie 3D pour la caractérisation non-destructive électromagnétique"
Supervisors: A. Litman, H. Tortel
Date: 2011-2014

S. Nounouh
Title: "Imagerie micro-onde: Optimisation d'un dispositif permettant d'imager le proche sous-sol"
Supervisors: C. Eyraud, A. Litman
Date: 2010-2013

R. Lencrerot
Title: "Outils de modélisation et d'imagerie pour un scanner micro-onde : Application au contrôle de la teneur en eau d'une colonne de sol" (Manuscript)
Supervisors: A. Litman, H. Giovannini
Date: 2006-2009


Main Publications and Presentations



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