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Sebastien Guenneau

Organization: Institut Fresnel, UMR CNRS 7249
Host University: Aix-Marseille Universite
Position: CNRS Research Director (DR2)

Telephone: +33 (0) 4 91 28 88 84


Postal Address:
Aix-Marseille Universite Institut Fresnel (UMR CNRS 7249) Domaine Universitaire de Saint-Jerome F13397 Marseille cedex 20, FRANCE

Research publications (Metamaterials and Photonic/Phononic Crystal Fibres)

Previous teaching, research and admin duties (Liverpool University)
  • Homepage at Department of Mathematical Sciences, University (current position: Honorary Research Fellow)

    UCAS visit day coordinator (2004-2009): UCAS day webpage

    Teaching first semester (2004/2005/2007/2008/2009): MATH283 - Field Theory and PDEs

    MATH329 - Calculus of variations and homogenization theory

    Teaching second semester (2005/2007/2008): MATH322 - Chaos and dynamical systems

    Teaching second semester (2008/2009): MATH302 - History of mathematics (Analysis segment)

    Research led teaching with Fun Maths Roadshow, through its funding body EPSRC , and British Science Festival through the London Mathematical Society (mathemagics and invisibility).

    Applied Maths Seminar Organizer (2004/2005) AM Seminars , Co-organizer of a session at: Liverpool 2005 BAMC 2005 , Waves 2007 Waves 2007 , Manchester 2008 BAMC 2008 , Chairman of a session at: ETOPIM 2009 , META 2009

    2009 Sir Alastair Pilkington prize for sustained Excellence in Teaching Pilkington award

    Future research leader of the 2008 University Annual Report Annual Report

    Certificate in Professional studies (2004-2008): [ CPS module 1][ CPS module 2][ CPS module 3][ CPS module 4] Thanks to Prof. Ross McPhedran for his insightful comments on research led teaching!

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